1. The Beginning

For the inaugural FashionTechDesign blog post I thought I’d share with you the reason why FTD was created. First let me show you an extremely bad technical drawing…

Now you’re probably wondering why I would begin the very first blog post of a site dedicated to fashion design and mastering fashion design skills with a very poor and somewhat spikey(??) looking tech drawing. Well the story behind this is, this is one of my graduate collection technical drawings and by god was I proud of it! This was the sum of my technical drawing abilities on Adobe Illustrator that I was bringing with me to the working world. It came down to a few reasons, lack of time spent mastering technical drawings, lack of time spent on my graduate collection technical drawings and never been shown a correct or coherent way of creating technical drawings. In college I absolutely hated technical drawing, believing it to be waste of time that could be otherwise spent on making my collection.

When I began working in the fashion industry I quickly realised how important digital tech drawing is. Hand drawn tech drawings are quick and easy and can look beautiful but they tend to create much more work when trying to combine them with print, trims etc. I enrolled in an Adobe Illustrator for fashion design short course in a local college but was pretty disappointed, the tutor was extremely knowledgeable about Illustrator but not at all about fashion design or tech drawings. So I began teaching myself. There is a wealth of information as well as examples of tech drawing online but I found a lot of the ‘how to’ posts and videos weren’t great quality, were on extremely ugly websites or were extremely basic. The same went for books and manuals, I bought and tried a lot of different ones, many were useless but one or two were brilliant. I found after mastering the basics I learned the most on the spot under pressure while working, forcing myself to use Illustrator for every tech drawing I had to do no matter what the time pressure. Anything I couldn’t do I simply Googled, this would usually give results relating to using Illustrator for a more graphic design problem rather than fashion design so I would alter the instructions to solve my tech drawing problem. And so the seed of the idea for FashionTechDesign was born, I wanted to create a beautiful, well designed platform to share fashion design skills. I wanted to build a community where designers can learn new skills, go to for design problem solving and share their own design skills. This is the first step towards creating that platform, if it’s something you’re interested in being a part of sign up for the newsletter here, or drop me a line with your thoughts, questions or ideas at hello@fashiontechdesign.com

October 20, 2016
Technical Fashion Drawing Flat of Dress
Technical Fashion Drawing Flat of Dress