Croquis for Fashion Technical Drawing Flat
October 21, 2016
2. The Croquis

A rough draft; a sketch.

Most fashion drawings whether they are quick sketches, detailed sketches or tech drawings begin with a Croquis. With origins in the French verb croqu(er) meaning to make a quick sketch of, rough out or know (a subject) superficially, a good Croquis is vital to a successful drawing. The Croquis has evolved from it’s original definition of a rough sketch to become a template of a body that forms the beginning of a drawing. In the beginning of college the search for a suitable Croquis was long and frustrating, many Croquis rejected for seemingly arbitrary reasons - “She’s too skinny” “She’s too curvy” “She’s too dynamic” but it is worth it if you find a good one that works for you as most designers tend to stick with them for life! There’s thousands of examples available online but remember for a working Croquis - as opposed to an illustration Croquis - you are using it to convey the maximum amount of information about a garment. It shouldn’t be too skinny, stylised or out of proportion as this will distort the garments drawn on it. Although that does sound quite boring it’s beneficial in the long term, any client you have as a designer will always appreciate a beautiful stylised drawing of a garment but if it doesn’t clearly show the garment’s details, proportions etc it can lead to problems.

Sadly during one of my many house moves I lost my beloved Croquis that got me through college (college Amy was not smart enough to keep a digital copy!!) so my quest for a Croquis began again. Through a lot of trial and error I believe I have created the perfect Croquis. I personally prefer to use a female form for any hand drawings and a type of clothed female form for tech drawings. As most of my drawings progress from quick sketches to a final detailed spec drawing on Illustrator having both Croquis the same size and scale makes life that little bit easier! Not everyone works this way or uses a Croquis and eventually after drawing it hundreds of times you won’t even need to use the template anymore. But for anyone starting out and always when doing a tech drawing on Illustrator I would recommend it. I’ve included a link below to the AI file of my new beloved Croquis feel free to download it for personal use and tell me what you think!

Download Croquis AI

Croquis Female Form Technical Fashion Drawing Flat

Croquis Full Female Technical Fashion Drawing Flat